Dinner for the Lazy

No family dinner tonight. Believe it or not, The six year old Girl is going to a Birthday dinner party. I'm supposed to drop her off at her school mate's house in about 45 minutes, and I'm really curious about the scene. The Husband is going to his painting studio after work, so it's me on my own—something that hardly ever happens.

Last night we were saved by some smoked pork chops. I was in an incredibly lethargic mood, and smoked pork chops are a gift to the lazy. They seem to last a good long while in the refrigerator, take nothing to cook, and can be pretty satisfying with a dollop of apple sauce on the side. We stopped at the market on the way home from picking The Husband up at the station. He failed his task of picking out a vegetable (he got distracted by out of season strawberries and raspberries), so we ended up with the ultimate lazy/over-worked person's vegetable: frozen peas. I heat up hot water in the electric kettle, pour some peas in a bowl with a dash of salt, pour blazing hot water over them, let them sit for a bit, drain and then repeat with what's left of the re-heated water. How quick is that? We had egg noodles with just a smidge of butter and a bit of grated parmesan to round things out.

Nobody really wanted to talk during dinner; we were too exhausted from doing absolutely nothing, which kind of gives credit to the notion that inactivity breeds more inactivity.


SF Mom of One said...

Inquiring minds want to know: Whatdya eat when all alone?

Deb St-Claire said...

Alone? Who was alone? My daughter stuck to me like barnacle. I couldn't really blame her though because there was a clown/magician there, and those guys always weird me out--especially after seeing Capturing the Friedman's. That movie must have been really bad for the party clown business.