Mutiny Over Mac and Cheese

I couldn't believe it. This incredible macaroni and cheese, a dish even finicky The Husband named the best ever, was snubbed by my own flesh and blood.

"No," The Girl declared, "it's not really the best. I like Arthur pasta better."

That stuff in a box with orange cheese powder? How can that compare with this dish that is full of butter, whole milk, and two different kinds of cheese?

She ate a few bites. I had six servings.

Hey, they were small!


Ken Sternberg said...

My son used to love Kraft orange stuff and macaroni, But now, he is wild about Annie's. It seems to have genuine cheese in it.

Anonymous said...

My sister once added too much milk to the package of mac and cheese while she was babysitting. The result was "cheese water", which the little girl annouced to her very particular mother was what made it the best mac and cheese she had ever had.

They never asked my sister to babysit again.

SF Mom of One said...

Deb, that is the most scrumptious looking mac-n-cheese I have ever seen. Makes me want to dump my whole-grain-only pledge and dive right in. 6 servings sounds just right.

Deb St-Claire said...

The recipe is from the Cook's Illustrated Best Recipe cookbook. I had been using an earlier version (from their magazine) that called for eggs and evaporated milk. This one is has you making a kind of bechamel sauce (butter, flour, whole milk) and then adding 2 C Jack and 2 C cheddar. I splurge and buy already grated cheese.

Ken: I guess Annie's is better than Kraft. I do have questions about powdered cheese. Yeah, the box says "real cheese" on it, but it's not quite like any cheese I've ever loved.

Anonymous: That's soo funny. I've never asked any of Esmé's babysitters to cook dinner. Perhaps that's a good thing. I've made Arthur pasta kind of thin (now I've made it so many times I can eyeball the correct proportions), and basically you have to give it time to cook down.

SF Mom of One said...

I love pre-grated cheese; one of life's small luxuries.

Xenia's babysitters usually get to make the truly gourmet Tap Ramen, which is fairly foolproof. (I bought a case.)

Vera's sister said...

I would have eaten the six servings with you Deb.
A real comfort food!