La Tarte - Troisième Fois

I decided to go with puff pastry as the base for my third attempt at Chrystèle’s tarte. I had recently tasted an onion tart that had such a flaky and delicate crust that I thought this might be what this tarte needs.

Results? It was light and crisp on the edges, but the bottom was still like a bad pizza, soggy and gloopy.

Chrystèle’s daughter happened to be over at lunch the next day, so I heated up the leftovers and served it to the girls. “My mommy makes this same tarte,” remarked the little girl. I was thrilled that it was at least recognizable. “But I don’t like it.”

I whipped out yoghurts and fruit while the girls picked the crispy crust off of their tarts. When they were done I scavenged The Girl's tomato and cheesy bits, which even leftover weren’t half bad.


SF Mom of One said...

Puff pastry soggy with tomato and cheese sounds really good to me! I guess I should come have lunch at your place--hint, hint. Oh yeah, this pesky continent between us.

Chrystele, la tarte ! said...

This little girl is so rude...and she is my daughter! Do not worry... she does not like it at home even though I renamed the tart to "pizza"!
Don't be afraid of overcooking the tart, it woulb be even better!

Deb St-Claire said...

Chrystele: It is always a pleasure to have your daughter at our house! Also, next time I'm going to cook the tarte for as long as I can. Thanks for the tip.