The Amazing Woman Juggler

The summer is winding down, and I’m getting kind of jittery. The big question that every working Mom (and some working dads? …maybe) asks herself: How am I supposed to fit everything in to my schedule?

Even as I’m writing this, The Husband is informing me that The Girl wants a play date with a friend and that she told him that I “forgot.” I’m home more, so it makes sense that I be the one to schedule it. Okay, that’s true. But still…

What is it about trying to fit everything into place, like a jigsaw puzzle that has too many pieces, that makes me want to run from the room pulling my hair?

And on top of The Girl’s dance lessons and piano lessons, my seeing friends when I can, going to therapy, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, keeping up with regular doctor appointments, sewing for fun, keeping the garden watered, scheduling repairmen when necessary, getting the car tuned up, going to work…I have to fix dinner. How is this supposed to work?


SF Mom of One said...

If you have the "have to" in front of fixing dinner, something's gotta give, because you love your family dinner. (of course, theme of blog!)

I think we (me too) have to drop some balls. (you know, objects you juggle.)

What might be possible?
Groceries ordered and delivered?
Share getting the kid to dance with another parent in the class?

Maybe none of those seem realistic. But it has to be something, right? For myself--If I get too much going, I just do all of it poorly.

Deb St-Claire said...

Hey SF Mom, Here goes with my attempt:
No. 1. Quit therapy!
No. 2. Get a Crock Pot!
No. 3. ...
Still working on No. 3.

texas sue said...

Ah, this is exactly where I am. I would be embarassed to list all the things I look at each day and think, I really gotta do something about that ... leaky faucets (3 now), bugs in the house, dying plants in the garden (killer summer), peeling paint on the house, messes all over... Then there's the weekly schedule of events, including therapy (two kinds!) various other standing appointments and classes... Not to mention WORK, which is going to be extra busy this semester and MY CHILDREN, who, I'm afraid, don't get nearly the attention they need from me. Thank goodness they're independent. All of this makes me, too, want to go running -- driving really -- into some far off, far simpler place.

Happy fall!