Not For Dinner

Some of my dinners have been pretty crappy lately, but I do have some handy tips for good things to serve.
First for the healthy: fruit kabobs. I had to bring something to The Girl’s school picnic, and I swear I lost sleep over this assignment. What will most kids eat that is good for them? What won’t spoil in the sun? What is easy to carry? Yes, delicious fruit-on-a-stick was the answer. I cubed up melons, blackberries, pineapple, and strawberries (having forgotten the organic grapes in the fridge), and they were pretty darn good. Color-wise, the pineapple blackberry combo looks best.

Now for the decadent! Our dear neighbors help us out in so many ways. I did two loads of laundry at their house yesterday because our machine is on the fritz; that’s how generous they are! They are so thoughtful that it isn’t unusual to get a phone call around dinner time announcing that “s’mores” will be available over their leftover coals. [They grill with charcoal, which is pretty much the only way to toast marshmallows.] They were out of chocolate on this particular night, but they did have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Oh man! The gooey hot marshmallow with the graham cracker and chocolate were amazing, but with peanut butter it was overwhelmingly delicious. We named them “Nutter S’mores.” Try it for yourself.


SF Mom of One said...

I am inspired by the kabobs. But OH, I can taste those Nutter S'mores right now!

back to my bowl of millet :)

Deb said...

Oh you poor dear, millet? That might be better with a toasted marshmallow, but I really can't imagine how. Nabalom Bakery in Berkeley makes Tibetan Whey Sticks that are packed with millet, and that's the only way I have ever eaten it.

Definitely go for the fruit kabobs, and here's another idea. City Bakery in NYC has grilled pineapple in their salad bar. One could put the pineapple on the skewer and grill it! Mango would work too. Now that you're going to Texas, you're going to have to get a grill.

TwoSquareMeals said...

I'm definitely trying the Nutter S'mores next time we make them. Yummm!