Cooking Dinner for Other People #3

It's almost 4:30. Our next door neighbors are going to be here in about an hour and a half. The table is set. The roast is getting to room temp. The escarole is soaking in the kitchen sink, ready for a spin. I made little post-its for each part of the menu (e.g., potatoes, boil for 20, roast w/ garlic and rosemary for 20) to keep me focused. Evan brought home two bottles of red wine (Cotes du Rhone). I start to flinch: what if they want white? We have some champagne, but that would absolutely go against my trying not to do anything too big. I better put some seltzer in the fridge. I have the before dinner munchies down: rosemary potato chips, olives, pistachios, dried cherries, and a peanut mix that might appeal to the kids (it has M&M's in it). What am I forgetting?


Ken Sternberg said...

As an avid, serious amateur cook-chef-whatever, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. On the Champagne thing, though, it's definitely fine to open a bottle for no discernably "big" occasion. A glass of sparkling wine or Champagne almost always puts guests in a good mood (with my family, perhaps just an ok mood).

Deb St-Claire said...

Ken, Thanks for that reminder. Champagne doesn't have to be so precious, does it? I'll remember that!